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HealthPass Update

Story Content Provided by HealthPass on 5/3/13

To our valued General Agents and Brokers,

At HealthPass we take pride in our work. It is a hallmark of this organization and has been since I arrived here almost 14 years ago. There are times where we can effect change quickly and other times where it requires more work to do so. Along the way, regardless of where the problem lies, HealthPass takes accountability for the issues, associated timelines and ultimately, the resolution.

In pursuit of providing for you state of the art, user-friendly and functional tools to engage with HealthPass and your clients, we have recently moved our back office technology and administrative vendor to bswift. The transition is ongoing and, with all change worth happening, has not been without it's challenges. Some of you and your clients may have experienced issues over the past few weeks related to this transition. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience as we temporarily take ½ step back to take 2 steps forward.

I and my team are fully committed to ensure that our clients receive the best service that can be provided. That said, there are many groups and members whose updates have yet to be fully processed from 4/15/13 and forward. There are 2 main backlogs for that work – in the spirit of transparency they are as follows:

1) The general processing of documents has a backlog. We have created a timeline that resolves this bottleneck in its entirety by the close of business 5/8/13.
2) The electronic update files to the carriers have been purposefully suppressed. As technology issues were ironed out with our carrier partners, electronic updates had to be pended. Our timeline for that to be rectified is as follows:
a. Emblem enrollments are projected to be transmitted to update their system end of day 5/3
b. Oxford enrollments are projected to be transmitted to update their system end of day 5/6
c. Guardian enrollments are currently updated

We appreciate your patience as we iron out these issues. Shortly you will have access to a new system that will increase your ability to work with your groups on an electronic basis and alleviate the time needed to spend with your clients who are comfortable with enrolling or renewing via self-service online. We will be hosting seminars on 5/21 and 5/22 to demonstrate the new functionality – we look forward to seeing you at one of those meetings.

Thank you,


Vince Ashton
President & CEO
HealthPass New York
61 Broadway, Ste 2705
New York, NY 10006