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Help Clients see the Connection between benefits satisfaction and productivity

Story Content Provided by Guardian on 7/16/13

Download the infographic that shows clients how to improve benefits satisfaction — and employee engagement.

Workplace benefits are generally valued by employees, but only 1 in 5 place "High Value" on their benefits. The new Guardian Employee Satisfaction infographic is a resource that you can use to help clients better understand the key drivers of benefits satisfaction — which is important because it can lead to greater employee productivity.

Based on insights from the Guardian Employee Satisfaction white paper.

This white paper, excerpted from the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, analyzes employees' Benefits Value Index scores to shed light on why certain practices lead to increased benefits satisfaction — and others don't. In particular, it can help employers better realize the value of providing more benefits products in the workplace and making information about those products more readily available. All of which can lead to better outcomes for employees, employers — and you.

Download the Guardian Employee Satisfaction white paper