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Members to receive Aetna Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Supplemental Form

Story Content Provided by Aetna on 4/30/14

Aetna members of most insured health plans will begin receiving an Aetna SBC supplemental form. We will distribute the supplemental documents to Aetna plan sponsors for groups new or renewing businesses.

Exceptions where Aetna supplemental documents will not be included:

  •  Fully Insured, all products, Contract State of Arizona (AZ)
  •  HMO Legal Entity plans, HMO & POS products, Contract States of California (CA) and Ohio (OH)

The Aetna supplement document was created to provide additional information to members to help them understand the high level SBC benefit information including:

  •  Additional information on excluded services
  •  Additional information on out of network benefits
  •  HSA and HRA information

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact your local account representative or broker liaison.